Uniting NC is a North Carolina nonprofit that works to promote mutual respect and cooperation between foreign-born and U.S.-born Americans. The ultimate goal of Uniting NC is to make our state a place in which all North Carolinians feel welcome, and together build stronger, more productive communities.

Uniting NC introduces North Carolinians to people from around the world who have moved to their communities and now call North Carolina home. We facilitate these introductions both virtually, through our website and public service announcements, and in real life, through events in communities across North Carolina. We do so because of our firm belief that it’s only after we get to know one another, and think of each other as people like ourselves, that we identify with each others’ hopes and challenges, and can work together as friends and neighbors.

With your support, we will continue to add programs that:

  1. Help recent immigrants better integrate into their new communities.
  2. Help longtime North Carolinians understand the challenges faced by more recent immigrants, and the dreams they hope to achieve for themselves and their families.
  3. Provide opportunities for all North Carolinians – old and new – to share their culture, so that we can experience and appreciate both the ways that we are different and the many ways in which we are all the same.



Dan Rearick, Director

Dan has been a part of Uniting NC from the start — as a founding board member and active volunteer and donor, and now as Uniting NC’s Director. He grew up in the Carolinas and graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill and Harvard Law School. While North Carolina always felt like home, Dan also spent time studying or working in France, Bolivia, Puerto Rico and Tanzania. After a number of years in both public and private sector legal work, he returned to North Carolina in 2008, where he saw how, more and more, it was possible now to meet people from all around the world right here at home. Having met so many people from around the world, Dan is well aware of how hard they worked and continue to work to make a better life for their families, and how proud they are to call North Carolina home. He is happy to have the opportunity to work with North Carolinians, old and new, to learn from one another and to make North Carolina an even greater place to live.