Uniting NC envisions a state and a nation in which all people, including immigrants, have the opportunity to reach their greatest potential, engage with their community, and fully contribute their talents – expanding prosperity & wellbeing for all.

Since 2009, we have brought together over 5,000 longtime residents and new immigrants to get to know one another, learn from each other and give back to our communities. With your support, we will continue to:

  • Work with communities across North Carolina to better support and integrate new immigrants.
  • Help immigrant families hit the ground running in terms of skills and education, so that they can achieve their American dream and give back to their communities.
  • Expand opportunities for longtime residents and recent immigrants to learn from one another, highlight our diverse contributions and see all that we can accomplish together.


img_5233Jocelyn Casanova, Outreach Coordinator  Jocelyn was born in Veracruz, Mexico but has lived in the great state of North Carolina since the age of 3. As part of her busy schedule, Jocelyn is working toward a degree in Business Administration while minoring in computer programing. She enjoys meeting people from all over the world and has an amazing ability to remember names. She is also an artist. Basically, Jocelyn does it all, and we are glad to have her.


Ramiro headshotRamiro Rodriguez, CTD Lead Instructor and Co-Founder  Ramiro knows about the American Dream and he knows about coding. Originally from Mexico, Ramiro moved to the United States as a child and excelled in school. He majored in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Cornell and later returned for a Masters in Computer Science. Ramiro is the brains behind Uniting NC’s Code the Dream program.



Grace Martien, Programs Coordinator Grace comes to us from Williamsburg, Virginia where she graduated from the College of William and Mary. We are excited to have her on the team as a cheerfully dedicated and thoughtful intern from the Johnson Service Corps. Before joining Uniting NC, Grace was an active member in campus ministry and volunteered as an EMT. She is passionate about serving others and excited to work together with the rest of the staff to grow Uniting NC’s programs and the opportunities available to our newest neighbors.


Dan Rearick, Executive Director  Dan grew up in the Carolinas and graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill and Harvard Law School. While North Carolina always felt like home, Dan also spent time studying or working in France, Bolivia, Puerto Rico and Tanzania. After a number of years in both public and private sector legal work, he returned to North Carolina in 2008, where he saw how, more and more, it was possible now to meet people from all around the world right here at home. Having met so many people from around the world, Dan is well aware of how hard they worked and continue to work to make a better life for their families, and how proud they are to call North Carolina home. He is happy to have the opportunity to work with North Carolinians, old and new, to learn from one another and to make North Carolina an even greater place to live. In 2013, Dan was honored at the White House as a Champion of Change in recognition of his work at Uniting NC.